• Anything as a Service
  • Enterprises Benefit from ‘Anything as a Service’

    As cloud technology gained mainstream traction, and many enterprises became adopters, there were three main categories of service to keep track of: IaaS (Infrastructure), PaaS (Platform), and SaaS (Software). These three main layers have given rise to a plethora of new technology solutions aimed at getting the most out of cloud computing and adding new features.

    Currently, there is a common understanding of the way these three main categories operate and mesh together. What has been exciting to many, however, is the myriad of new subsets which fall under XaaS (Anything or Everything). This new service approach to IT has taken off to meet the growing demands in enterprise cloud IT. Security as a Service, Monitoring as a Service, Management as a Service, the list goes on. This new ensemble of capabilities will certainly be welcomed by many enterprises, and cloud hosting providers team up with these companies to deliver more comprehensive solutions.

    When some aspect of cloud computing is not as developed as people would like, you can bet that there is a startup striving to meet that gap. These companies thrive from the inventive technology produced by their talented founders, who can spot opportunities in this emerging industry. Cloud Hosting Providers often partner with these smaller, niche service companies in order to provide a comprehensive array of coverage for customers. XaaS companies are built from the ground up for compatibility with Cloud Hosting Providers’ infrastructure so that customers receive a seamless additional service. When you think about it, operating parts of your business in the cloud also opens you up to competitively advantageous, new technology otherwise unobtainable.

    For example, your cloud hosting provider struck a technology partnership with a leading Security as a Service company, you may automatically receive those capabilities and the process of integration would be easy. Considering talent and staffing constraints, an enterprise may be able to outsource a huge amount of IT responsibilities to Cloud Hosting Providers with a good inventory of partners and services; Monitoring as a Service exists solely for that reason, as does Backup & Recovery as a Service.

    At Rootaxcess, we want to deliver the most intuitive, pain-free experience for our customers and to that end we strive to develop top-notch service partnerships and proprietary technology.

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