• VPS vs. Dedicated Server: So What's the Difference?

    When deciding what type of cloud deployment you want to run your business on, you’ll notice that Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated server offerings are very similar. Though shared servers are typically the lowest in price of the offerings, more users are signing up for Virtual Private Servers or Dedicated Servers because they offer greater performance, security and speed. To figure out which offering would be best for your needs, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of each type.

    Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

    A VPS offers many of the same features of a dedicated server, but for a lower price. However, if your website is hosted on a VPS, you are technically still sharing server space with other users. What separates VPS from a shared server is that the space is partitioned off into individual portions of the server, so that you have increased security and privacy. Also, because the resources are shared, the cost is lower than it would be for a dedicated server.

    The one downside to virtual private servers is that they generally have greater restrictions for users to follow due to the fact that the resources are shared. Though you’ll enjoy the same freedoms in terms of being able to install most software programs, you might run into strict limitations in terms of disk space and allotted RAM. They also have slower processing times than its dedicated counterpart.

    Dedicated Servers

    If choosing a dedicated server, you’ll get to control every aspect of your solution. Many dedicated servers that are offered are not managed, which leaves you with the responsibility of updating and installing your programs on the system. These days, most hosting providers also offer management services as an add-on for those who do not feel that they have enough technical knowledge to run and maintain a dedicated server. You’ll also enjoy greater flexibility, more storage space, and faster processing times. Obviously, all of this comes at a price. Dedicated servers are more expensive than virtual private servers because of all of the additional features that it offers.

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