• Benefits of Colocation

    In the world of data storage, colocation often gets overlooked due to its trendy cloud counterpart. However, don’t be so quick to look past the benefits of using a colocation service. By taking advantage of the advanced facilities and new building technologies, colocation can enhance the performance and efficiency of many data center environments.

    Colocation refers to the renting of data center space from a third party provider for the storage of your own hardware and IT assets. For companies with the technical know-how, this gives the advantage of managing and controlling their own equipment without the burden of paying to build and maintain an entire data center or store IT equipment on-site.

    With plentiful bandwidth, power, and support, your scalability is no longer going to be limited by your own organization’s abilities to expand and maintain its infrastructure. The housing of your infrastructure in a secure third party data center also offers a significantly reduced risk over in-house storage. Almost all data centers offer 24/7 physical security and have disaster recovery plans in place, meaning that you can rest assured that your data is safe.

    You can also expect increased uptime and improved compliance after moving your resources to a colocation facility. When housing your IT assets on-site, oftentimes it tends to be in an old converted storage closet that lacks the power redundancy that your data requires. This puts your servers and your business at risk. In terms of compliance, Tier III and Tier IV data centers are already set up in an environment that makes compliance with most standards easier to achieve and maintain.

    Colocation is certainly more cost efficient than housing and powering your own hardware. It maximizes the ROI on hardware you’ve already purchased, without having to invest in significant overhead to setup your own datacenter to support your growing business.

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