• Cloud for Healthcare

    The migration of the healthcare industry to the cloud is a slow but steady journey. As dictated by the Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act, otherwise known as HIPAA, compliancy standards are the strictest for cloud providers to accommodate. Signed into Congress in 1996, HIPAA isn't the only thing that stands in the way of this transition; people's own fears are keeping many physicians from transferring their practice to the cloud. However, nowadays, HIPAA and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, otherwise known as ARRA, is beginning to require everyone in healthcare to begin migrating patient records and other data to the cloud by 2015. It's estimated that, dependent on the scope of healthcare organizations, savings to the industry could amount to upward of $35 million over a 5 year period. But what else does this mean for the healthcare industry and their patients?

  • Disaster proof your data with backup

    In today's economy, 24/7 availability and ease of doing business with you is key to a memorable customer experience. Your customers have high expectations on service levels and turnaround times. Data continuity and integrity are a must for conducting business online and any mention of data issues can create a significant backlash for companies dealing with consumer's personal or payment information. With today's options for data backup and recovery in the cloud, there is no reason for your data to be at risk for loss.