• Overview of the new Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center

    The Retail Industry Leaders Association- in conjunction with names like Gap, Lowe’s, Nike, Walgreens, J.C Penney, Target, and VF Corporation- recently launched the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center. It is a massive assembly of national and global brands all building a collective effort to stay ahead of the growing risks stemming from retail malware crime and data breaches.

  • Security concerns in healthcare cloud adoption

    This is reportedly the biggest concern in any organization looking to a cloud transition, even more so for healthcare providers handling sensitive, personal information. With conflicting opinions and a dizzying amount of information, it isn't hard become skeptical on cloud information security. Particularly for healthcare professionals, this is the first time facing the situation of putting sensitive patient records in someone else’s hands. This would understandably cause hesitation, and the term ‘cloud’ never evoked a sense of fortified security.

  • Compliance and E-Discovery in the Cloud

    Understanding Compliance and E-Discovery in the Cloud

    A very common (and legitimate) concern with using any cloud is compliancy and e-discovery. Although there are ways of securing data in a public cloud scenario, most Public Clouds do not have the same security and access control requirements for the level of legal and regulatory scrutiny that must be in place to ensure compliance.