• Overview of the new Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center

    The Retail Industry Leaders Association- in conjunction with names like Gap, Lowe’s, Nike, Walgreens, J.C Penney, Target, and VF Corporation- recently launched the Retail Cyber Intelligence Sharing Center. It is a massive assembly of national and global brands all building a collective effort to stay ahead of the growing risks stemming from retail malware crime and data breaches.

  • ram scraping
  • What is 'RAM Scraping" in a retail data breach?

    When we discuss large-scale retail data breaches such as the now-infamous Target holiday season attack, it is important to understand exactly how these attacks occur. For major retailers like Target and many others, the attacks occur at the POS (Point of Sale) system level. These are the registers and computers used to process payment cards and transactions at a physical location. When a customer swipes a card, the POS system momentarily holds the transaction information from the magnetic stripe before sending it to a payment processing provider.

  • Disaster proof your data with backup

    In today's economy, 24/7 availability and ease of doing business with you is key to a memorable customer experience. Your customers have high expectations on service levels and turnaround times. Data continuity and integrity are a must for conducting business online and any mention of data issues can create a significant backlash for companies dealing with consumer's personal or payment information. With today's options for data backup and recovery in the cloud, there is no reason for your data to be at risk for loss.